Complect ''TANLICOUS''

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Your best combimation now available as a set. In the package you will find Self-tanning foam and our hit product Super Gloss Bronzing drops. 

Illuminating serum drops adds a beautiful bronzing glow and moisturizes your skin wonderfully with coconut oil and vitamin-E. Shine with a beautiful lasting tan! 

The set includes 1 Self-Tanning Foam and 1 Illuminating Bronzing Drops.

Illuminating Bronzing serum:
✓ Gives your skin a beautiful fast tan;
✓ Makes your dull skin bright and gently golden;
✓ Instant Bronzer, which is washable;
✓ Nourishes and moisturizes your skin richly with vitamins;
✓ Works perfectly as a "highlighter" on your cheeks and décolleté.

Self-tanning foam:
✓ Airy tanning foam enhances your natural skin tone to mimic the results you get in the sun;
✓ Create your tone instantly and watch it deepen within hours, after application, without marks. The indicator tone can be washed off after only 4-8 hours;
✓ Easy to apply and dries quickly. Our self-tanning foam is for precise application, either by hand or with a tanning mitt.

The products are vegan, natural!